Emmy e-scooter fleet to grow in Munich


The emmy e-scooter sharing is growing in Munich, where the Berlin-based startup has announced plans to expand their fleet by another 400 units. In the Bavarian capital, emmy is working with the local firm Green City Energy.

The expansion on the Munich traffic network will be funded via a crowd-investing campaign. With a 250 euro bid, anyone can invest in the ride-share concept. The first 50 investors will get their names put on the vehicles.

Emmy partner Green City Energy announced that the roof for investment from the crowd will stand at 1.5 million euros, which they think will allow them to provide a scooter density of 6 scooters per square kilometre in the center.

Initially, the partners launched the venture in Munich in the summer of 2017 with 50 electric scooters. Nowadays, emmy is using an electric remake of a GDR classic, the Schwalbe (German for the bird swallow) that used to be to East Germany what Vespa is in Italy.

The electric scooters built by Govecs have a 4 kW motor made by Bosch and drive up to 45 kph. Two batteries with 2.4 kWh each allow for a range up to 100 km. The scooters are available in Berlin as well, where 450 electric Schwalbe units were launched, growing the emmy flock in the capital to a 1,000 electric scooters reportedly.

greencity-energy.de, greencity-crowd.de (Crowdfunding, both in German)


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