Mar 22, 2018 - 03:28 pm

Seat Leon to be released as PHEV in 2020


Seat made the announcement as part of their annual presentation for the 2017 results in Madrid, stating that the plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle would be released on the market in 2020.  It will be manufactured in the Spanish Martorell factory.

In further news for 2020, Seat promised the market release of a fully electric model based on the VW MEB platform, which will feature a range of up to 500 km.

As the Seat head of development Matthias Rabe announced in February, the BEV will be a compact modeled after the Seat Leon. Development is also reportedly 95% complete, however the name has not been confirmed. According to brand registrations, it may be Born, Born-E or E-Born though.

As soon as the next generation of the regular Seat Leon is released next year, Seat is planning to release the plug-in hybrid version in 2020. The electric range is set at the standard minimum of 50 km.

“2020 will be SEAT’s year of electrification” said Seat president Luca de Meo at the press conference. The consolidation period of the company has been completed, and now thy are looking to “be an important actor in the connected car revolution. Our ambition is to become a front-runner.”


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