Ikea coming to India with electric delivery vehicles


Swedish furniture maker Ikea is due to open its first store in India by mid-2018. At the outlet in Hyderabad, Ikea will offer deliveries of course and 20 percent of the vans are to be electric with more electrification planned.

In its first year of operation in India, around 20% of Ikea India’s customer delivery fleet will comprise of electric vehicles. That number is expected to increase to 40% in the second year and 60% in the third year of the store’s operations. Ikea also plans to create electric vehicle charging infrastructure at its Hyderabad store.

However, India is only one of a total of 30 countries where Ikea wants to electrify their fleets and expects the same from partner companies responsible for its deliveries. Additionally, Ikea wants to equip every store with charging stations for employees as well as for clients (we reported).

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