Nissan to sell 1 million PEVs a year by 2022


The Japanese carmaker set a new target for global plug-in sales, saying it wants to sell 1 million PEVs by 2022. The strategy includes both new all-electric cars as well as hybrids powered with the e-Power technology they use in Japan.

While the technology exists already, Nissan’s push for electrification builds on new models. The Japanese automaker wants to develop eight novel all-battery EVs over the next four years, including four models for China, which will utilise the Leaf technology.

Furthermore, the new product strategy also includes an affordable EV in China through the Alliance joint venture eGT New Energy Automotive. The model will be jointly developed by the Alliance and Dongfeng on an A-segment SUV platform. In fact, Nissan aims to become China’s largest EV maker and plans to spend 9 billion dollars over the next 5 years together with Dongfeng (we reported).

But the electrification strategy goes beyond China. Nissan expects that electrified vehicles, including e-Power models, will make up 40% of the company’s sales in Japan and Europe by 2022 and 50% by 2025. In the States, the forecast is about 20-30% by 2025, while in China it’s 35-40%.

Says Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer Philippe Klein: “The heart of our strategy in terms of electrification is battery EVs and e-Power technology.”

The e-Power technology is already offered on the Nissan Note and Nissan Serena in Japan. More than 129,000 Note e-Power models were sold in Japan in its first year, with more than two-thirds of Note customers opting for the hybrid model. However, the small gasoline tank only charges the battery so that the car drives electric all the time.

Nissan added its luxury Infiniti brand would begin carrying new electric models from 2021 reportedly. Two further electric vehicle derivatives are also being prepared for the Venucia brand.,


about „Nissan to sell 1 million PEVs a year by 2022“
Matthias Schmidt
27.03.2018 um 09:55
How can e-Power vehicles be included in this 1m "plug-in" target considering they aren't fitted with plugs?
Nora Manthey
28.03.2018 um 20:15
Strictly speaking yes, but the e-Power vehicles drive electric all the time even though their battery is indeed partially charged with a small gasoline drive.

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