VW takes wraps off new Touareg PHEV in China


After having refocused on China last weekend, Volkswagen has now taken the wraps off the latest Touareg. The SUV is to be offered as plug-in hybrid variant first in China, VW’s largest market. When the PHEV is to come to Europe is open.

The Touareg is one of Volkswagen’s best-selling SUVs with worldwide sales of the previous two generations amounting to nearly one million units. The largest markets are China, Europe and Russia, hence why Volkswagen updated its strategy.

Accordingly, VW launched the 2018 Touareg in China first, where it will also go on sale with a new plug-in hybrid drive which offers 270 kW and a 4WD as standard.

When the Touareg PHEV is to land in Europe remains unclear as here, Volkswagen will first try to sell two diesel variants rather than the plug-in hybrid.

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