Mar 27, 2018 - 04:38 pm

Germany: Model S included on list for EV subsidies again


After Tesla had have to watch the German authority BAFA exclude the Model S from the list of eligible EVs for the country’s plug-in grant (Umweltbonus), the Model S is now listed again, as long as it comes with the most basic trim level for real this time.

Last December, the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) suspected Tesla of subsidy fraud and subsequently excluded the Model S from its list of plug-in vehicles eligible for subsidies.

The 5,000 euro plug-in grant, also known as ‘Umweltbonus’ (environment reward) only applies to electric cars that cost no more than 60,000 euros net and it is this regulation Tesla had tried to outmanoeuvre. The trick Tesla used to stay within the 60,000 euro bracket was to list a basic trim level which in fact was not available. In reality too many essentials were missing that the EV maker had packaged as optional “extras” such as the rearview camera, park sensors, or lane keeping assistant.

This has now been changed. The BAFA website now lists documentation that includes the usual basic price, order date, model number and the producer share of the subsidy. Activated or deactivated features of the “comfort package” are now clearly marked.

On Tesla’s side, they added a designation on their German language site regarding the comfort package, referring users to the fact that the vehicle can be ordered without certain extras., (both in German)


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