Lincoln presents first PHEV Aviator in New York


The Ford-owned brand has presented a look at its first plug-in hybrid SUV at the New York Auto Show. The Aviator features three rows of seats and will be equipped with a new, but not yet specified plug-in hybrid motor.

The vehicle is slated to be released “as soon as next year”, however the presentation was scare on details, both technical and organisational. The last reports indicated that the Lincoln brand would become more green by 2022.

The Lincoln spokesperson did add, that the Aviator is “capable of using its twin-turbocharged engine if needed—easing range anxiety.” The implication is that the Aviator would couple the traditional V6 engine, with an electric motor that is as of yet unspecified.

The vehicles design is based on the Navigator, however is significantly smaller. The interior is standard for a modern luxury SUV and features a range of technological gadgets, including a forward scanning suspension that adjusts itself and driver assist technologies.,,


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