Apr 4, 2018 - 02:08 pm

Production record: Tesla Q1 results


Tesla has increased production in Fremont by 40 percent in Q1 compared to last year’s Q4 as they build 34,494 electric cars. The Model 3 is now becoming a bestseller in the U.S. with output increasing fourfold in the last three months and more to come.

Tesla built 9,766 Model 3 in Q1 2017 as it managed to end Musk’s “manufacturing hell” in California and the EV maker says the production rate will climb rapidly throughout the current quarter. Only this week, they announced the lines were churning out 2,000 Model 3 a week.

To break it down, from 34,494 electric vehicles made in Q1, Tesla delivered 29,980 EVs, of which 11,730 (39%) were Model S, 10,070 (34%) were Model X, and 8,180 (27%) were Model 3. Demand for all three models remains strong, according to Tesla.

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