Plug Power builds bigger H2 tanks for forklifts


The US American fuel cell producer Plug Power introduced their new GenDrive 2440-36R for electric forklifts. The new fuel cell system calls for larger hydrogen tanks, which now increase the forklift run-time by 56%.

This will enable use in three-shift-systems to only charge twice, instead of the currently widespread triple charge break. The new system will also allow for a significantly faster fueling time than 3 minutes. The first deliveries are scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

Last November, Plug Power received an order from Toyota Material Handling Norway to provide BZ systems to the Norwegian food wholesaler Asko. The semi truck fleet with 95 electric Asko vehicles could later be retrofitted with the new fuel cell systems being developed by Plug Power. The hydrogen is sourced locally using electroanalysis technology from NEL ASA.

Toyota recently completed its own new hydrogen fueling stations in Motomachi, where 20 electric forklifts have taken up operation. In Canada, Ballard Power Systems has been busy developing air-cooled fuel cell stacks of the next generation to use with forklifts, among other things.


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