Apr 8, 2018 - 05:27 pm

UK government extends operating licenses for vans


The British government changed the laws regarding driving permits to make alternative energy vans more attractive to the wider public. The normal drivers license now allows for drivers to drive a hybrid or electric transporter weighing up to 4.25 tons, instead of the previous 3.5 tons.

According to analysis by the ministry of transport, the change was necessary due to the increased weight of alternative energy vehicles compared to their combustion counterparts, which also decreases the load-bearing capability of identical vehicle models with different motor systems.

By allowing delivery trucks using electric and hybrid propulsion systems an extra 750 kg of weight for the drivers license class, it would equalize the load-bearing capacity between systems. The move is designed to motivate fleet operators to include more electrified transporters in their fleets.

The Freight Transport Association, which represents British transport companies, has readily welcomed the move, with Becki Kite, the organizations environmental policy manager stating, that “The FTA is delighted the government has listened to the logistics industry and taken this positive step to make it easier for transport and freight companies to operate electric vehicles…This [legislation] will make it cheaper and easier for firms to include alternatively-powered vehicles in their fleets.”

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