BMW i1 to be the new entry-level EV at BMW?


BMW is considering to launch the BMW i1 as new entry-level electric car, a report by Spanish suggests. The i1 would be a little bigger than the i3 but smaller than the BMW 1 series, while technology is to come from the electric Mini due by 2019.

Both the BMW i1 as well as the Mini Cooper EV will will feature an electric motor providing front-wheel drive, and will also have a similar power output.

According to the report by the Spanish portal, the i1 will come as a five-door hatchback. Since the continuation of the i3 and i8 may end after 2021 reportedly, the new i1 will likely replace the i3 and become the brand’s most affordable EV.

Overall, BMW has trademarked nine more names with i. The i3 and i8 are only the first of the family and there are another twelve electrified models planned by 2025.

Next one up is the X3 due by 2020 – if the i1 will not precede it but nothing has been said about production plans yet. There is also the Vision Dynamics concept car scheduled for 2021 and codenamed i20 and lastly the iNext (2021). (in Spanish) via


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