BYD launches e-Bus fleet on Korea’s Jeju Island


Jeju Island is becoming something like a mini Norway, only in Northeast Asia. BYD has a little HQ here since they were asked to deliver 20 electric buses that have just arrived. BYD says it is the largest project of its kind in the region.

The order had been standing since November 2016 and has now been completed as all 20 electric buses of type eBus-7 arrive on the island. They will take up their zero emission service in Udo, the largest island that is included in the Jeju City district.

Being rather small, the buses 15-seater body suits the narrow roads of the island that is no bigger than 6 square kilometres. The eBus-7 won’t run out of power easily here with its 200 kilometres on a charge, requiring only two hours to be fully charged.


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