Apr 17, 2018 - 01:18 pm

Lexus considering electrification for LS and CT


Lexus has reportedly been considering integrating electric motor systems in to their flagship LS, as soon as with the current generation. Furthermore, the next generation of the Lexus CT 2020 may present some serious electric competition for Tesla.

The report refers to statements made by Lexus European chief Pascal Ruch. He said that the next version of the CT would offer customers “something else”, which would compete with Mercedes A-Class and the BMW 1 series. It is very possible, that the innovation refers to alternative propulsion systems, however specifically there has only been talk of a battery-electric version and a hybrid.

There has been speculation that the new CT would be a sister model to the Toyota Auris on the TNGA platform, and would come into sale as of 2020. This would fit the picture for the Toyota plan to release at least ten purely electric vehicles by the early 2020 years, which includes its subsidiary brands.

Furthermore, the Lexus flagship LS may be electrified in its current generation. According to head engineer Toshio Asahi, the luxury sedans are being analyzed for further options alongside the current hybrid drive system. Possibilities include a plug-in hybrid system, a BEV or a LS variant with a fuel-cell engine. So far, nothing has been decided yet, however.

goauto.com.au (LS), autoexpress.co.uk (CT)


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