eRoadArlanda – Swedish road charges EVs while driving


The eRoadArlanda in Sweden is now open and will first allow electric trucks to drive while charging. This is made possible through an innovative rail system, that hooks onto the electric vehicles fully automatically, and cars may soon follow.

The stretch of road is a section of the public 893 road between the Arlanda Cargo Terminal and the Rosersberg logistics areal at the edge of Stockholm. The approximately 2 km long stretch was fitted with a special electric rail, which transfers energy to a moveable arm and on to the EV.

The eRoadArlanda is part of the innovation plan by the Swedish Transport Administration. During the test period, they want to specifically look at the charging behaviour and viability of e-trucks. Involved in the project are also a number of other partners, including: Elways, NCC, PostNord, ABT-bolagen, Vattenfall, DAF, KTH, Kilenkrysset, VTI, E-traction, GCT, KTH, Bilprovningen, Airport City Stockholm, Sigtuna Municipality, Swedavia, Arlanda Stad Holding, TraningPartner, FirstHotel, Frost Produktion, SMM Dulevo and Sandströms Elfirma.

The eRoadArlanda follows a similar principle to Siemens’ eHighways that have been installed in Germany and California for example. The eRaodArlanda though works like an upside-down tram rather than with a cantenary as is the case for Siemens.
For Sweden, this means “the technology as such (compared to overhead charging), can be used for both passenger cars, trucks and buses if you provide them with an eRoad-connector under the vehicle,” informs us Hans Säll from eRoadArlanda. However, at the moment they use only dedicated electric trucks to be charged on the road but potentially electric cars may join the rail as well.


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