IONITY opens first HPC station in Germany


The high power charging network IONITY has opened its first location, right on the “Autobahn” A61. It is located at a pit stop operated by Tank & Rast and electric cars using CCS may charge for free throughout the end of May. 

The Brohltal-Ost location in the Rhineland-Palatinate state in Germany is the first of a planned 400 high power charging stations across Europe according to IONITY. The HPC chargers have been delivered by Australian Tritium and each of the six charging columns is capable of charging with 350 kW via CCS.

IONITY opting for Tritium indicates that the network will rely on various suppliers. Their first HPC charging location in Danish Aabenraa for example, relies on the HPC charging system built by Porsche Engineering. Then again, in Norway, IONITY is expected to use high power charging stations from ABB. (in German)


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