OVO presents home V2G charger


The British energy provider OVO Energy has presented a Vehicle to Grid charger for use at home with a 6 kW charge. In the first step, it will be handed out for free to 1,000 Nissan Leaf owners this summer.

The overhanging system, which controls the measure is the new KI platform VCharge by OVO. This consolidates electric devices, such as chargers for electric cars and stationary batteries, to a virtual powerplant.

The new V2G charger will be provided to 1,000 Leaf drivers in the first step, sponsored by the British government. OVO and Nissan have been cooperating on V2G development since last year.

OVO CEO and founder Stephen Fitzpatrick is convinced that the V2G chargers for home use will be the first step towards the energy system of the future. “This is the first step in building the distributed energy system of the future. One that is truly customer centric and built around households and their connected energy storage devices,” he said.

The chargers will enable private citizens to charge and discharge their electric vehicles, and sell currently unneeded energy back into the system. The V-Charge platform also charges intelligently, by charging at peak power generation times, as well as considering how green and cheap power is.

Next to the V2G charger, OVO also introduced another “smart” charger and an energy storage device for home use.

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jim stack
20.04.2018 um 16:42
It will be even better when they offer it on an Electric Vehicle with Battery Thermal Management (battery cooling) so they last 10 times longer. The LEAF is the only Electric made with no battery cooling.

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