Apr 24, 2018 - 07:33 pm

Tesla Model X replaces Model S in Shiphol’s taxi fleet


Since 2014 the Amsterdam Schiphol airport has had a 167 vehicle fleet of Tesla Model S taxis. Now the fleet operator, the taxi company BIOS-groep has decided to replace the entire fleet with Model X vehicles.

The decision fell due to the possibility to seat up to 6 passengers including luggage in the Model X, coupled with the high re-sale value of the Model S. The Tesla taxis have driven 250,000 km to 300,000 km on average since taking up operation.

In cooperation with Tesla, a new charging infrastructure was set up at the Schiphol airport, which is separate from the public supercharger network. The taxi drivers from the BIOS-groep charge their vehicles overnight or during waiting times at AC chargers in their own depots. There is also a DC fast charging station with a capacity up to 60 kW available on top of the regular structures.

By acquiring the 167 Model S, the airport had already made headlines at the time, and, according to the taxi company, the EVs save somewhere around 2,500 tonnes of CO2 every year.

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