Geely’s Lynk&Co doubles shifts at Tesla-like PEV factory


In remote China, Geely is gearing up to double the workforce at its otherwise high-tech facility for plug-in cars. In this case, the Zhangjiakou plant is to make new energy vehicles for Lynk & Co as the Geely brand aims for making 200,000 NEVs a year.

And therefore, they need to introduce a second shift. The current headcount of 1,800 is to grow to 3,000 people labouring side by side with about 300 robots. They are to build the SUV 02 and the 03 sedan. Both models by Lynk & Co are plug-ins and will thus be launched as BEV and PHEV.

For Geely, the China facility is a showcase for modern manufacturing and one that can be exported, that is replicated anywhere. That is the plan for Europe, where Lynk & Co is reportedly is setting up shop in Belgium comes next year. They will build the larger 01 here first though and also the Volvo XC40.

To make their electric cars in their 1.89 billion dollar PEV factory, Geely uses robots built by Kuka to weld together the chassis of its electric cars, the same used to build Mercedes cars. Other technology has been supplied by Bosch and ABB.

As part of Geely’s portfolio, Lynk & Co is to occupy a space in pricing below Volvo cars whilst sharing some technology and targets younger audiences in China and Europe.,


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