Lynk & Co present model 02 and preview 03 for China


The Geely brand Lynk & Co has revealed the design for their second model 02 in Amsterdam. The crossover SUV will be available in Europe as a PHEV as of 2020, and a purely electric version is to follow. Production will be set in Belgium.

The Geely brand that takes its cues from Volvo has described the vehicle as a sport crossover SUV. The vehicle itself is based on a shortened, broader and lowered version of the CMA platform, which is also the basis for the compact SUV 01 and the Volvo XC40.

Lynk & Co have already started showing off picture of the model 03 from China, a sedan which will also be offered as a PHEV and BEV in future. It looks similar to the design prototype revealed in Shanghai last year.

Volvo has also confirmed tht the Lynk & Co models will be produced in Europe as of the end of 2019 at the Belgian factory in Ghent. There had been some consideration where to produce the vehicles outside of China, chief among where the Belgian location, as well as Charleston, USA. The cooperative production in Ghent also implies much closer cooperation for the two companies than previously. That is also not the only step in that direction, as Volvo purchased 30% of shares in Lynk & Co.

In November, the 2015 founded startup released the their first model, the 01 in China, initially with a combustion engine. The compact SUV will be released soon as a PHEV and BEV, similarly to the other models by the company.

As part of the initiative, the company is steering towards a new plug-in hybrid system, which will not only cover the minimum 50 km range, but approach 80 km. The system will be integrated into the Lynk & Co 01 as well as the Volvo XC40. The purely electric models will have several battery options, providing a range between 400 and 600 km.

Europeans will have to wait for the market release of the 01, however, as adapted versions for the European market will not be released until the first quarter of 2020.,, (Model 03), (Model 02), (Model 02)


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