China introduces control mechanism for battery recycling


China’s plans to force vehicle manufacturers to take a more active role in battery recycling are moving ahead. As of August, the Traceability Management Platform will go into operation to help oversee and manage the process.

As a document from the ministry for industry shows, the Chinese government plans to create a system with the platform, that will follow the production, sales, use and finally recycling for batteries from EVs. The instrument will be useful to figure out exactly who is responsible for the use and recycling of batteries and will establish a formal monitoring system. Next to battery manufacturers and recyclers, vehicle manufacturers will also be forced to take part in the program, as well as force them to offer detailed information for their customers concerning recycling services and praxis.. The system will also cover imported EVs.

For 2018, China is expecting around 170,000 tonnes of trash from EV batteries. For this reason, the government is proceeding against the increasing environmental damage being done by the automobile industry on all fronts. In February, the ministry for industry announced preliminary rulings, which required manufacturers to establish and maintain a network for the recycling of EV batteries. Battery manufacturers are required to produce their batteries in a standardized and easily removable fashion, to help automate the battery recycling process. Furthermore, they are required to provide automobile manufacturers with technical lessons for the storage and removal of old batteries.


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