May 22, 2018 - 01:45 pm

Rivian gearing toward A1T and A1C concept EV reveal


The US American startup Rivian Automotive will be presenting their new electric models at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November, but has released a few details regarding their debut cars.

The five-seated electric pickup A1T is planned for 2020, and the 50,000 dollar basic version will have a 80 kWh battery providing a 320 km (200 mile) range. For 90,000 dollars, the company plans to offer an improved range of the A1T with around 720 km (450 miles). For 2021, the company is planning a seven-seated SUV built on the same platform they call the A1C. Rivian had previously also announced that both vehicles would be capable of driving autonomously.

Last year, the startup purchased a former Mitsubishi factory in Illinois. Rivian is planning to begin serial production there in 2019. Originally, founder RJ Scaringe had announced a production-ready vehicle in 2013, but the venture was ultimately unsuccessful.

This time will likely be different, however, as the startup received a major investment in 2015 from an unknown beneficiary, as well as a few more experienced and known members on the board. These include Tom Gale, who designed the Dodge Viper, and Mark Vinnels, a former McLaren engineer, who now is head engineer at Rivian.

Update 28.05.2018: The US American EV startup Rivian Automotive has received a credit from the Standard Chartered Bank valued at 200 million dollars. The financing will enable Rivian to start production of their electric vehicles, which will be released on the market in 2020.,,,


2 Kommentare zu “Rivian gearing toward A1T and A1C concept EV reveal

  1. Mark Bruckman

    I don’t get the Rivian strategy – 800hp Pick-up truck with autonomous capability…priced at a level outside the middle class person. The Sr Leadership there has missed the mark and is caught-up on speed and not market share. Rivian will probably see limited sales – however, if the price level was lower and it was a “practical” EV Pick-up truck – I believe Rivian would have seen strong sales and demand

    • Oliver Peterson

      Agree with above. Once the uber rich have bought the cool new thing, sales will stagnate due to it being out of the price range of a normal human.

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