Cummins presents lithium-ion batteries at Battery Show


The US manufacturer Cummins has presented their battery portfolio at the Battery Show Europe, which includes lithium-ion battery packs with 35 and 74 kWh capacity and modules with up to 4.4 kWh capacity.

This marks the company’s first update after the takeover of battery specialist Brammo and the EV battery specialist division from British company Johnson Matthey.

The new lineup includes battery packets BP35E and BP74E, with the above mentioned 35 and 74 kW capacity. The battery modules BM20E and BM44E also deliver the eponymous capacities of 2 kWh and 4.4 kWh, which can be integrated into the electric and hybrid drive systems by Cummins.

Last year, Cummins demonstrated a prototype electric truck called the AEOS. But Cummins is not done with their retooling and plans more investment and diversification: “Cummins is committed to investing $500 million in electrification over three years. These investments include innovation of fully electric and hybrid power solutions that will serve our markets as they adopt electrification,” according to Andrew Penca, general manager of battery systems at Cummins.,


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