IONITY negotiating with Volvo, FCA, PSA, Jaguar and Tesla


IONITY, the high power charging cooperation between BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen, along with subsidiaries Audi and Porsche, is negotiating with other potent partners such as utilities and even Tesla, who maybe interested in joining.

According to the report by Sueddeutsche Zeitung, talks are underway with Volvo, Fiat-Chrysler, PSA/Opel, Jaguar Land Rover as well as Tesla. Other interested parties also include the French energy provider Engie, Enel from Italy and E.On from Germany, as well as multiple insurance companies.

The network is still in its early stages though – from the 400 required construction permits to install the high speed charging network across Europe, IONITY has only managed to accumulate 20 so far. The report cites statements by IONITY CEO Michael Hajesch.

The joint undertaking was recently able to open its first charging station on the A61 near Brohltal in Germany. At the Tank & Rast gas station EVs with CCS capability are allowed to charge for free until the 31.05. Another site opened earlier in Denmark (we reported).

There is also news from IONITYs location partners. Next to Shell, OMW, Tank & Rast and Circle K, Q8 and MRH will be joining soon, and more partners are expected in future. (original source, in German)


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kent beuchert
21.04.2018 um 19:02
Apparently Tesla is about to switch charging protocols and join the rest of the world , almost all of whom use the CCS protocol, now twice as fast as Tesla Superchargers.
23.04.2018 um 20:51
My bet is they keep their proprietary connector and subliment it with one other, possibly a different one for each region, eg Chadimo for Japan, CCS in Europe. Hence the big blank space under the model 3 flap. I can’t see them giving up the current Tesks network which is frictionless and deployed (unlike any other network currently)

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