Jun 2, 2018 - 04:54 pm

Price announced for Hyundai Kona Electric in Norway


Hyundai has announced the Norwegian prices for the fully electric Kona, which they presented at the end of February. The Koreans have decided to offer the Kona Electric in Norway only outfitted with the strongest motor (150 kW) and the largest available battery packet (64 kWh).

The basic price has been set at 325,000 Kronen, or about 34,ooo euros. The vehicles are also exempt from VAT. Delivery of the vehicles will begin in July.

There is also a waiting list in Norway for the vehicle, which has reached 20,000 orders. Pre-orders can still currently be placed up until the 17th of June. As of the second of July, orders will be available for everyone.

In the rest of Europe, customers are still waiting to hear what the prices for the vehicle will be. While the vehicle is up on the German website, however it is marked as “available soon”.

hyundai.no (In Norwegian)


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  1. Won S. Cho

    I like to hear about kona ev arrival in eastern US, range, price, etc. I also like to know if I could pre-

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