Brand new electric Smart cars to share in Stuttgart


The car2go fleet in Mercedes’ home town Stuttgart is the first to include the electric Smart of the latest generation. They boast the new faster charger and Smart wants to complete the exchange of all 500 electric cars with new ones this autumn.

For car2go the town of Stuttgart is basically their test bed by birth and they operate an all-electric fleet of 500 vehicles here. Since this week, the latest generation of the smart fortwo electric drive mingles among them and Mercedes wants to renew the entire fleet before the year’s end.

The latest generation is the first to feature a new charger that allows faster charging with 22 kW, thus increasing the availability of the electric cars for car2go members. The new Smart ED also come with an updated navigation and entertainment system and a panoramic roof.

The car2go fleet in Stuttgart is one of the largest exclusively electric ones worldwide. The 550 strong electric car fleet (including 50 Mercedes B-class vehicles) launched in 2012 and now counts about 125,000 members.

380 public charge points all powered from renewable energy positions Stuttgart among the cities with the densest EV charging infrastructures in Europe. (in German)


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