Lime to launch electric kick-scooter fleet in Paris (video)


California’s two-wheeler sharing export Lime is coming to Paris, where they will launch a free floating fleet of electric kick-scooters on June, 22. Not only are those little last-mile LEVs easy to ride but a base price of 1 euro promises some good fun.

Lime has been rolling out different services in Europe since starting their (electric) bicycle sharing business in the USA. For their latest advance into Paris, the startup chose their offer with the easiest access – anybody knows how to drive a kick-scooter.

The Lime-S fleet will cost Parisians or tourists a minimum 1 euro to begin a ride and Lime says there will be “hundreds” to start with. Know though that every minute thereafter cost 0.15 euro so that a half an hour ride adds up to almost 5 euros. The electric scooters can be left anywhere to be located and booked via the Lime app.

It is the first time that those “trottinettes électriques” can be rented in France and their Paris debut follows the successful launch of 150 Lime-S electric scooters in Zurich, Switzerland last week.

Lime also runs their service in Berlin although there they offer electric bicycles, the LimeBikes only. Electric kick-scooters such as the one in Paris are regulated by German law.

For Paris, Lime may come as a relief. Whilst the French capital was a pioneer in sharing schemes such as Vélib for bicycles or Bolloré’s electric car sharing AutoLib, both services have practically ground to a halt due to problems with the operators.

Last we reported, the Paris Autolib Velib Metropole syndicate led by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, would consider ending the contract with the Bolloré due to budget shortfalls and operational problems with the electric car hire scheme.

Lime on the other hand says their local Paris team has worked “hand in hand with city officials, including the transportation deputy’s office,” to make sure their electric kick-scooter sharing would, well, kick in immediately.,


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