UPS launches custom-made cargo e-bikes


34 new cargo pedelecs have joined the European fleet of logistics giant UPS. The bikes were specifically developed for the carrier together with Rytle. After initial testing in Germany, the cargo e-bikes are now coming to France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In total, the UPS fleet will grow by 34 electric cargo bikes. 23 have been deployed in the German cities of Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich. The remaining eleven are on their way to relieve post men and women in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

UPS had developed the pedelecs together with Rytle and their Box Movr includes a 1.7 cubic metre box that enables faster and easier loading as it can be removed.

The bikes can take a load of up to 350 kilos. The motor is at a standard 250 Watt but delivers a peak of 1,000 Watt when the drivers starts pedalling in order to get the heavy cargo pedelecs into motion. (in German)


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