Italy: Nissan installs EV ecosystem on Sicily


Nissan and Coca Cola bottler Sibeg agreed to install a whole ecosystem of electric cars and charging infrastructure in Sicily. Phase 2 of their ‘Green Mobility Project’ includes 110 new Nissan Leaf and 8 new fast charging stops.

The arrival of the new generation of Nissan Leaf cars in Sicily is taking the project that has been going since 2015 to the next stage. They renew the fleet of electric cars that had been available to Sibeg employees while adding to the charging network in the region.

For Nissan it is another example of their Intelligent Mobility strategy and makes a use case for corporate mobility. Also Sibeg is no stranger to electric driving and engages in cooperation with ADL as well as the utility Enel.

The eight new DC charging stations that are part of the Green Mobility Project, will in fact add to an existing network of 60 charge stops that Sibeg and Enel maintain in Sicily. Seven of those existing ones are fast-charging. Compare this to the beginning of the project, when there were only three charging stations installed in the region, claims Nissan.


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