Jun 25, 2018 - 01:47 pm

Berlin: Extensive EV subsidy scheme for businesses


Berlin step up their e-mobility efforts big time as they launch a new plug-in vehicle subsidy scheme for SMEs and businesses in the German capital. As of July, 1, companies may claim up to 4,000 euros for buying an EV and 8,000 for an electric van, all on top of the federal incentive.

Berlin is keen for citizens and companies to switch to electric cars as it seeks to avoid driving bans due to its high levels of air pollution reportedly. The latest programme called ‘Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität’ (business-related electric transport) is worth six million euros and will run from July, 1 throughout 2019.

Small and medium enterprises as well as larger businesses may claim 4,000 euros when buying an battery-electric car or fuel cell vehicle. Plug-in hybrids receive an extra 3,000 euros – all on top of the federal plug-in grant, the Umweltbonus, worth up to 4,000 euros for all-electric cars.

Light utility vehicles in Berlin will benefit even more as the city’s senate allocates up to 8,000 euros to small electric trucks weighing no more than 4.25 tons. Imagine a small company buying a StreetScooter with a combined discount of 12,000 euros in Berlin. Or take the Nissan e-NV200 which comes down to a price of about 16,660 euros (base price 28,660 euros) after incentives.

Moreover, the senate decidedly wants to fund electric car charging infrastructure. Those wanting to install a private or public charge point may receive 2,500 euros for a standard charger and a most attractive 30,000 euros when setting up a fast-charging point.

City officials also called on the federal government to review their diesel policies again. The latest decision had pushed responsibilities and the option for driving bans onto municipalities. Berlin says however they want to avoid driving bans and facilitate the switch to electric mobility instead.

berlin.de (PI in German)

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