Jun 25, 2018 - 06:39 pm

Nissan to spread the Note e-Power across SEA

Sees e-Power as bridge technology for markets with weak EV infrastructure

Nissan want to extend the reach of their e-Power technology as used in the Note beyond Japan. First markets to benefit from the unusual hybrid are countries in south east Asia such as Thailand and others with weak charging infrastructure.

Once they launch in Thailand, it would be the first time Nissan applies the e-Power technology outside of Japan. In their domestic market though, they had been surprised by sales of the Note, as the EV variant accounted for about 60% of the Note’s sales.

Different from other hybrid technology such as used by Toyota, the e-Power charges the battery solely from a small gasoline engine. Driving though is all-electric all along.

Once the Note hits Thailand, more markets in the region may follow. Basically anywhere Nissan sees a lack of charging stations holding back the spread of electric cars such as their Leaf. Moreover Nissan aims to launch the e-Power vehicles in China by 2022.

For now, Nissan will continue to manufacture the Note in Japan but may consider local electric vehicle production in Thailand, depending on sales.



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    Why why why not europe ?
    Europe ia always last …..( juch…..)

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