Jun 25, 2018

Tesla sabotage scandal taking new turn


The story of the Tesla saboteur is taking crazier turns. After Tesla sued Martin Tripp, he now claims to be a whistle blower and indeed some recent Tesla scathing media reports may be traced back to him.

In the latest series of emails though he sounds pretty worked up, threatening Musk (“you’ll get what’s coming”) while portraying himself as a saviour of investors and EV drivers, if not the world.

The escalation follows a recent announcement by Elon Musk. He had informed his employees that there was a saboteur among their ranks who had made code changes to Tesla’s production system under a false username, and passed on large amounts of sensitive data to third parties.

This man has been identified as Martin Tripp and Tesla since filed a lawsuit. Moreover, Tripp was also accused of having planned an attack on the Gigafactory but the Sheriff could not find any evidence of said activity.

Currently the “Tesla saboteur” is on a media tour trying to sell his part of the story to news outlets.



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Ein Kommentar zu “Tesla sabotage scandal taking new turn

  1. What do you mean “taking new turn”. this news is almost a week old. Or are you just trying to put out more TLSA short bait?

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25.06.2018 19:53