Jun 26, 2018 - 05:45 pm

New motor for medium-duty EVs by Efficient Drivetrains


Efficient Drivetrains add a new electric powertrain to their line-up. The EDI PowerDrive 6000ev is made to convert medium-duty vehicles and has been incorporated into applications for goods movement, logistics, port, and other electric vehicles.

The latest drive by Efficient Drivetrains has a modular design that enables simple integration into existing chassis. The standard EDI PowerDrive 6000ev drivetrain includes a 100+ mile (160 km) range with the ability for OEMs to add batteries to extend the range as required by their customers.

The EDI PowerDrive Electrification kits are suited for Class-6 step vans, box and work trucks, utility vehicles, and passenger shuttles, and include the drivetrain (EDI PowerDrive), vehicle control and telematics software (EDI PowerSuite), and the training and support infrastructure to enable fast time to market.

OEMs may further customise their electric vehicles with EDI’s Electric Power Export (Power2E) option, that is V2X capability to power homes or work tools with energy from the electric vehicle battery for example.



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