KSR to release Doohan e-scooters in Germany, Austria, France


Austria’s KSR Group has imported more than 50,000 electric scooters in Europe under the Niu brand. Now their new label Doohan will make its entry with two all-electric two-wheelers running on Bosch motors and Panasonic/LG batteries.

The iTango and iTank feature three wheels each, however due to the dual wheels in the front being narrower than 60 cm, the vehicle counts as a two-wheeler, with all the parking benefits of a scooter, but the added stability of a trike.

Both scooters are powered by Bosch electric motors, powered by lithium batteries by LG and Panasonic. Both models are offered with a 45 km/h version, while the iTank will additionally be offered as a 70 km/h version with two batteries, which requires a motorcycle license, unlike the smaller version.


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01.03.2020 um 11:02
me interesa mas informacion y distribuidor en barcelona gracias

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