Honda launching world’s first series hybrid scooter


Honda is expanding their scooter range with a motorcycle hybrid system that will come to live inside the PCX HYBRID. The company says it will be the world’s first mass-produced hybrid scooter once it kicks off this September in Japan.

The hybrid scooter model is based on Honda’s PCX series. Only the PCX HYBRID is powered by a lithium ion battery that acts as a boost when starting and accelerating.

The 48 Volt system hinges on the ACG (Alternating Current Generator) starter. It assists for 4 seconds after a turn of the throttle. Honda says this enables “agile acceleration” and also gives the PCX HYBRID a sharp throttle response.

The hybrid system also sets in when idling.

Honda expects to sell 2,000 units of the hybrid scooter per year in Japan. Dealers are asked to charge 432,000 Yen (€3,325), including tax.

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