USA: Hyliion buying battery unit of Gentherm


Hyliion, a maker of retrofit hybrid systems for class 8 trucks, enters the battery business. They acquire the battery arm of Gentherm with which they had been working already. For cell supply they struck a deal with Toshiba.

On the acquisition of Gentherm’s battery unit, Hyliion say, “the battery system was already a critical component of Hyliion’s 6x4HE solution”. The acquisition is thus a strategic one that will help them to grow.

Explains Thomas Healy, founder and CEO of Hyliion: “The acquisition provides us with control over the complete battery management supply chain from manufacturing and packaging to software development.”

At the same time, Hyliion has partnered with Toshiba for cell supply. Hyliion then packages the li-ion cells and adds cooling and battery management systems. For this, the company cooperates with Dana, that offers proprietary cooling technology to improve the thermal management of the batteries. (PI)


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