Goldman Sachs evaluating future StreetScooter options

The German postal agency Deutsche Post has tasked the investment bank Goldman Sachs with evaluating potential future options for the StreetScooter e-transporter. Possible are partnerships, sale of the technology or opening up for public investment.

The report also cited unnamed persons “familiar with the process”, who stated that the company were equally interested in OEMs and financial investment, should the company decide to begin selling shares. The Deutsche Post and Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the process.

The most recent statement regarding the future of the StreetScooter dates to mid June. Post CEO Frank Appel made it clear at the time, that despite letting go of board member Jürgen Gerdes, the company would continue to develop the StreetScooter brand, but did not desire to produce the vehicle in the long term. The Deutsche Post would continue production for at least two years, however the company did not want to venture into vehicle manufacturing as a staple. During the interview, the CEO also spoke of investment or sale of the brand.

StreetScooter has an unusual success story: more than 6,000 of the electric transporters are now registered in Germany, and the model is also being sold to third parties by now. For marketing purposes, the company also set up an innovation resort, which may be profitable as of 2020, according to Appel. At the end of May, a second manufacturing location was opened in Düren.


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