Tesla launching 5-minute deliveries of Model 3 (video)


As Tesla rushes to ramp up production of the Model 3, Elon Musk targets the next bottleneck: deliveries. Or hand-overs in store rather. They launched a ‘Sign and Drive’ programme for pick up appointments to get new buyers out the door in 5 minutes.

In an email to clients, Tesla specified the process, asking them to watch new video tutorials and to read the user manual prior to collecting their new Model 3. That way, the EV maker is hoping to reduce the time in store from up to an hour to five minutes.

Considering 2 – 6 months wait times in an ideal world and more like 19 months in the real-world reportedly, the 5-minute Tesla does seem like a rather cosmetic procedure.
Another thing to note is that Tesla buyers should at least be able to do a check up before leaving with their Model 3, not to speak of expecting personal service when entering a Tesla store. The trial will tell.

Apart from official channels, Tesla has received support for selling their electric cars in Russia. The online shop of car dealer Svyaznoy has added the Model X and Model S to their lineup and has taken 236 orders to date.

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