Forsee Power to deliver batteries for Alstom’s e-bus Aptis

The decision has fallen: the French battery manufacturer Forsee Power will be delivering the lithium-ion batteries for Alstom’s electric bus Aptis. Serial production is slated to begin in early 2019.

The vehicle is a fully electric bus designed to resemble a trolley, which features four steerable wheels. First tests for the Aptis are planned on Parisian streets in the near future. The electric buses will be serially fitted with lithium-ion batteries with NMC chemicals, which is where Foresee Power enters the game.

An announcement by the Alstom states that the two companies Alstom and Foresee cooperated to develop a specialized battery for the buses. The charging speed as well as the number of battery modules will be selectable by public transport operators in future. The Aptis will have a range between 150 km and 250 km, depending on which battery package is selected. A cooperation for real-time analysis for the battery system is also underway, to help optimize use and life-time.

The batteries delivered by Foresee Power will be rented to transit operators by Alstom. The concept is designed to alleviate the cost of purchasing an electric bus for customers, by spreading the cost over time.


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