MTB: Brose and Shimano introduce new e-motors

Brose and Shimano have introduced new motors for e-mountain bikes; the Drive S Mag (Brose) and the E7000 (Shimano). While one is designed for the more athletic tours, the other is designed with an affordable price in mind.

The Brose portfolio consisted of three motor systems so far: The Drive T for city and touring pedelecs; the Drive TF for fast S-pedelecs and the Drive S for mountain bikes. Now the addition of the Drive S Mag, which features a magnesium casing, unlike the aluminum used for the Drive S, making it 15% smaller and lighter. At the same time, the maximum support offered by the new system is up to 410% from the 380% on the Drive S. The continuous rated power is 250 W, peaking at 500 W.

Shimano’s new motor system is decidedly banking more on affordable pricing: The E8000 system is not affordable for everyone, which prompted Shimano to offer a cheaper version. The systems have the same size and weight, but the torque on the E7000 is 60, compared to the 700 Nm on the more expensive version. The continuous performance is rated the same as the Drive S Mag, but two different battery options will involve either a 418 or a 504 Wh power source.,,


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Tony Randall
24.07.2018 um 18:44
Good article! Nice to read that an increasing number of known bicycle manufacturers are getting into the e-bike mode. tr
Lacreuse Jean Michel
11.08.2021 um 07:52
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