Volkswagen to upgrade manufacturing to 160 e-Golf daily


VW is planning to upgrade their manufacturing capacities in Wolfsburg and Dresden during the summer months from 120 vehicles to 160 e-Golfs manufactured daily. They are not the only ones to do so.

More automobile manufacturers are responding to the long delivery times for electrified vehicles by increasing production capacities. The most recent company to join the trend is Volkswagen. The Wolfsburg-based company plans to reach a production target of 160 e-Golfs per day, as well as determine whether another manufacturing increase is necessary. At the start of March, VW announced a second shift at the “gläserne Manufaktur” factory in Dresden, where the daily production capacity was increased from 36 to 72 vehicles per day.

It was also somewhat recently announced that BMW would increase production capacities for the i-model vehicles in fall of this year from 130 to 200 vehicles per day. A BMW spokesperson referenced a 50% increase in production for the incoming upgrade in their Leipzig facility. This is the location where the i3 and i8 are being manufactured. In future, the automobile manufacturer plans to produce both EVs as well as combustion vehicles in the same locations.

Renault also recently announced their plan to double production capacities for the Zoe at their factory in Flins, as well as tripling production capacities in Cléon. The plan is to produce 440 (instead of 220) Zoe vehicles after the upgrade in fall. The initiative will cost the French company about 1 billion euro in new development and production capacities. (German)


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