Audi starts manufacturing electric motors in Hungary


Audi has officially begun with serial production of electrical motors in Hungary. The production capacity at the Győr factory is around 400 motors per day, and is planned to be successively increased.

The 8,500 m² facility in Győr is run by a subsidiary company, Audi Hungaria, who is following a production concept called modular assembly. This means there is no linear production line, instead making way for a series of production “islands”, which enables a higher degree of flexibility for manufacturing. Transport between the stations is covered by autonomous transport vehicles.

The upgrade of the facility, which Audi claims only took them a year, also cost the company investment sums in the double-digit million area. The factory will start with 100 employees working in a single-shift system to manufacture the motors. By the end of the year, Audi plans to hire another 30 employees, and set up a three-shift system “soon”.

In order to maximize efficiency, a new winding and inserting center will ensure that the optimal amount of enameled copper wire is inserted, as well as optimizing space usage for other components. Audi Hungaria also set up three motor assessment stations.

The first electric motors from the factory will be used in Audi’s debut BEV, the e-SUV e-tron, which will begin serial production at the end of the year in Brussels. To be exact, Audi is delivering two electric axle-motors per vehicle, as the e-tron will have front- and rear-wheel drive systems. At this years Auto Shanghai, the Ingolstadt company showed off their e-tron Sportback concept, which will follow their first EV a year later.,


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