Munich taxi centre picks up 10 Jaguar I-Pace

The Munich Taxi Centre (MTZ) has taken on ten Jaguar I-Pace for regular taxi services. The e-taxi fleet of the MTZ was also officially presented today. A fluent two-shift system for the taxis was enabled by the installation of a specialized fast-charging infrastructure.

The MTZ went so far to provide additional education for 40 drivers for the use of EVs. CEO Gregor Beiner particularly had his eye on the I-Pace for the space and range aspects of the vehicles.

At the headquarters of the company, there are five HPC stations, which can charge the I-Pace to 80% capacity in about an hour. The rolling driver change will then take place during the charging period, according to the company.

The Munich-based company also views the project as a pilot project for the entire taxi industry. Funding for the project was made available by the Munich city council, who is subsidizing each kilometre driven with customers by 20 cents. The pot available for e-taxi funding contains a total of 2 million euros.


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