Tesla planning new vehicle interior options


Tesla is planning to add some more interior options for the Model S and Model X in the coming year. The new design will be oriented along the more minimalist interior of the Model 3, but will likely also offer some premium features.

The new design also shows some features that point towards autonomous driving. Among other things, the display is no longer installed vertically, but horizontally. The drivers area is also not the only part being adapted – the rear seats also receive some added comfort, a new console and a variety of different colours for the interior. It is assumed that Tesla intends to save some costs with the new interior, as it would simplify assembly.

That is not all from the Tesla HQ, however – the Californians have announced their plan to expend their recommendation programme until September 16th, and will integrate the Model 3 into the programme. For all Model 3 performance variants, all those that order after August with a reference code will receive free life-long super charging, while those who order before don’t even need the code.

Finally, Tesla also announced they may add a trailer hitch to the Model 3, at least a photo was taken of one on a test vehicle, which may mean those who plan to drive with extra luggage may have some hope.

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skeptic not montana
01.08.2018 um 20:59
what's the tow capacity on an M3, 200 pounds?

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