Jaguar Land Rover considering producing I-Pace in China


JLR is considering starting up production for their BEV I-Pace in China. Their local Chinese partner Chery Automobile will take over production of the I-Pace alongside the E-Pace, which will begin production at the facility soon.

The news was released by unnamed sources, who also added that the move was embedded in a larger production strategy, which would particularly lower production costs along the line. Just recently, JLR announced a quarter loss of 210 million pounds – the worst quarter since the takeover by Tata Motors back in 2008.

All in all, four models, which are currently being produced in UK factories, will be moved to production in China, Austria and Slovakia, and the I-Pace and E-Pace will not be the only models not planned to be manufactured in the UK. Both vehicles are being produced at Magna Steyr in the Austrian Graz. The E-Pace will also soon be produced in Changshu, as mentioned above. Next to the I-Pace, another two vehicle models are being discussed for production at the eastern Chinese location.

Ahead of Audi, Mercedes and BMW, Jaguar was able to bring a fully electric SUV to the market this year in the contested premium class. The serial version of the vehicle was revealed back in March and the German team was even able to give the vehicle a test ride in Portugal.,,


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