StreetScooter components test positive for Cadmium


After the German ministry for vehicles (KBA) followed the suspicion that there may be extensive heavy metal contamination among EV components used in the Volkswagen brands VW, Audi and Porsche, affected components have now been found in the German Post’s StreetScooter.

Reports indicate that the vehicle contains the same affected charging component that was used in the VW vehicles. The supplier was not named, however up to 124,000 VW vehicles could be similarly affected.

The KBA is now further investigating the situation of the StreetScooter. After a component with a high lead content was found, the investigation also found the same component affected in the VW vehicles. The charging component was found to have such high cadmium concentration that a normal permit would not be possible. The Post had been looking for a small permit type for 2,000 vehicles with the KBA. Individual German states had also approved the vehicle. However the permit procedures for the states do not include heavy metal testing.

The Deutsche Post has also commented on the issue, stating that they had followed legal procedures and had relied on supplier specifications. If it were found that illegal actions had been taken, the company would respond accordingly.

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is carcinogenic as well as damaging  to organs, which is why it was forbidden for use in vehicles. Acute danger was not found with the components, as the affected parts are contained by several layers of housing. Problems are expected when disposing of the vehicles down the line, however.,,, (All in German)


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