Bosch making electric drive for delivery EVs, up to 7.5t


Bosch has announced they are developing a new electric drive system for delivery vehicles. The eCityTruck line may electrify vans up to 7.5 tons. First transporters utilising the new drive may hit the road in 2019 and can run with or without transmission.

Their engineers are tackling the field of inner-city logistics with an easy to integrate solution. The eCityTruck electric motor can “accommodate automakers’ differing requirements. These powertrain solutions can be scaled for light commercial vehicles weighing two to 7.5 metric tons,” says the Bosch.

The new powertrain combines multiple components such as an electric motor and power electronics into one unit. This is making the powertrain more efficient and more affordable as well, the supplier says.

The eCityTrucks solution is in line with other electrification offers in the Bosch portfolio. While the e-axle serves in passenger electric cars such as the electric cabs by LEVC for example, the new electric drive takes light commercial vehicles into account. However, Bosch is also thinking about heavier trucks. They are currently working with Nikola Motors on a solution for their electric trucks reportedly.

First electric vehicles with the eCity Trucks drive under the hood will launch in 2019. (PI)


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