BYD delivering 1,000 electric cars to Bangkok


China’s major new energy vehicle maker BYD is heading into Thailand. They delivered 101 electric cars of type e6 to Bangkok and a thousand more are yet to come. The new EVs will serve as VIP taxis and as part of a car sharing service in the Thai capital.

BYD of China has been seen expanding their market globally. In Thailand however, this last order poses a major advance. Says Liu Xueliang general manager of BYD’s Asia-Pacific Automotive Sales Division: “We are very pleased that Thailand has joined us.”

The order also builds on another export agreement in which BYD delivered the K9 electric bus to Bangkok for a trial reportedly.

The 101 e6 electric cars that just made it to Thailand, are part of a much larger order that totals over 1,000 electric vehicles. They will be used as VIP taxis and become part of a car club as well (we reported).

The e6 is powered by BYD’s lithium iron phosphate battery with a range of up to 400 kilometres on a single charge. The electric car model is serving in other taxi fleets around the world as well, i.e. in Ecuador and for Uber in Singapore.

In Thailand, BYD vehicles have been present since 2012 when the e6 was deployed as the official car for the country‟s largest utility MEA. In addition, the e6 and the K9 electric bus was also adopted by the country’s industrial and commercial giant Loxley Group to kick start its ‘Thailand electrification strategy’. (PI)

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about „BYD delivering 1,000 electric cars to Bangkok“
16.08.2018 um 17:12
Congratulations to Bangkok authorities for breaking an unspoken global embargo against Chinese EVs by doing business with BYD and importing not just their electric buses but their e6 cars too. Did Warren Buffett help make it happen ? And could this trigger major US trade sanctions against Thailand from Trump !?Just joking - I hope.Paul G(EVUK)

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