Aug 22, 2018 - 06:14 pm

Sicily ordering electric buses from BYD


The Italian town of Messina in Sicily has placed an order over 13 electric midibuses with BYD. Deliveries will happen in two batches and will be concluded before the year’s end. The electric buses will be operated by ATM.

For their electric bus order, Messina has received financial help through the National Operational Programme called NOP Metropolitan Cities. It focuses on local public transport in 14 Italian cities.

The electric buses were purchased by the municipality and will be assigned on loan to Messina’s public transport operator ATM.

The BYD midibuses have a length of 8.7 metre and have capacity for 53 passengers. The Messina order will be delivered in two batches and both within this year.

The orders follows a similar contract BYD has won with the Italian city of Padua reportedly. Their electric buses can also be seen in Turin and Novara.,


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