Balearic Islands loosen planned EV quota

The Balearic government has released a new draft of their law to combat climate change. Compared to the last publication, the requirements have eased up a bit, particularly for rental car operators.

The original plan would have seen 10% of the islands vehicles electrified by 2020, but the new regulations now only call for a 2% conversion. However the pressure is not entirely off rental car operators, as the companies are now being required to report exact lists of what vehicles they have on the road. So far, it had been unclear how many rental vehicles were being used on the Balearic Islands. Many companies simply purchased the vehicles on the mainland, where taxes are lower, before sneakily importing them to the island.

The planned ban on combustion engines for 2025 still stands, however. As of 2025, no new diesel or gasoline vehicles will be allowed on the island. Initially, gasoline vehicles were only going to be banned as of 2035, which now only applies to delivery vehicles. The core of the initial plan, to have traffic on the island fossil-fuel free by 2050 still stands as well., (both in German)


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