Stark Drive to offer foldable pedelec for <$300

The Swedish company Stark Drive is offering a foldable pedelec called the Mini for only 299 dollars. A 250W axle motor on the rear wheel and a 252 Wh battery integrated into the frame allow for a 40km range.

As the affordable price indicates, the Mini is an electric bike for pragmatists: a simple frame construction and folding mechanism and no bells or whistles make for a 13kg build. The 14 inch wheels fold onto the frame for simple transport.

Next to the basic version, Stark will be offering two other variants of the pedelec. The Mini City+ features a larger battery with a 324 Wh capacity, costing $499, while the Mini Air runs in at $599, and features a specialised battery solution, allowing riders to take it onto commercial airplanes.

The $299 price for the basic model is a temporary price recommendation, based on the crowdfunding campaign. Stark Drive is advertising global delivery, but consumer reports indicate that delivery delays may occur.,


about „Stark Drive to offer foldable pedelec for <$300“
05.09.2018 um 12:22
"...a simple frame construction and folding mechanism and no bells or whistles"CORRECTION: It will legally need to come supplied with a bell in the EU.
Stark Drive
26.05.2019 um 07:14
hi Squire, all Stark Drive bikes have always come with a front light and a horn - standard. these are not things you need to add to the bike and this goes for the mini as well. safety is very important to us here at Stark Drive and we consider these a safety feature.

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